SQ75 SMi22 CAN 600W 48Vdc direct

Brushless motor 803700 SMi22 CANopen 600W Speeds=3200RPM Vdc=48 Ballast=Without (Magnetic.Encoder=4096PPR Frame.Size=Square_75mm Nom.Speed=3130RPM Nom.Torque=1.9Nm Nom.Current=15.1A Key.Shaft=With)

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Technical Specifications

Model Direct current motor
Nominal rated voltage 48
Nominal rated current 15.1
Voltage type DC
Number of phases 3
Rated performance at rated frequency 600
Rated rotational speed at rated frequency 3130
Degree of protection (IP) IP67
Number of poles 8
Insulation class acc. to IEC Other
Frame size acc. to IEC 75
Full-load efficiency 85
Nominal torque 1.9
Bearing Ball bearing
With anti-condensation 1
Operation temperature -30°C / +70°C
Overload capability 0
Cooling method Air
Shaft end type Key

Brushless > Dcmind Brushless Motor
DCmind Brushless Geared Motor 600W 48VDC8037E001
DCmind Brushless Geared Motor 600W 48VDC8037E002
DCmind Brushless Geared Motor 600W 48VDC8037E003
SQ75 Motor 600W 48VDC + SMI22 CAN + Gearbox RAD20 ratio 580372001
SQ75 Motor 600W 48VDC + SMI22 CAN + Gearbox RAD20 ratio 1080372003
SQ75 starter kit CANopen79513105
Terminating resistor CANopen M1227358014
Shielded cable CANopen M1227358015
Main power supply cable M1679298664
SQ75 I/O cable M16 18pts79513106

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