Modular power supply 10W, 100-240 VAC/24 VDC, 0.4 A

Modular power supply 10W, 100-240 VAC/24 VDC, 0.4 A

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Product Description

Crouzet is presenting the new generation of 24V power supplies. This new family of product has been designed to fit into a very wide range of industrial applications, and into the panels of the most common building applications. This range is perfectly suited to be used with all Crouzet 24 VDC products. Ideally convenient for their use in distribution panels thanks to its DIN rail mounting.

Smaller Size
Space in the panel is more important every day to fit a higher quantity of products to have complex applications, and that's why the next generation of Crouzet's compact family of power supplies are 1 module thinner (the equivalent of 17.5mm or 0.69 inches) in every version. With 4 products that goes from 10 to 100W and their wide voltage input ranges (from 84 to 264 VAC), they allow the supply of single-phase mains electric power to DC power lines requiring 24V DC in a very reliable way.

Better Performance
These DIN Rail mount power supplies have an increased Energy efficiency up to 90% at 240VAC and Low No-Load Power Consumption. In addition, thanks to the new terminal position, as well as double insulation and a Class II safety input, simplifies wiring of the product and earthing is no longer necessary. In the same way, the NEC Class 2 standard, in accordance with UL1310, allows operation in cases where output currents must be limited under fault conditions.

Technical Specifications

Voltage type of supply voltage AC
1st secondary output voltage at DC 24
Max. output current 1 0.42
Secondary voltage adjustable False
Short-circuit-proof True
Rated supply voltage at AC 50 Hz 24
Rated supply voltage at AC 60 Hz 24
Output voltage stabilized True
Power output 10
Stabilized True
Type of electric connection Screw connection
Rail mounting possible True
Wall mounting possible True
Modular version True
Built-in height 94
Direct mounting possible True
Width 90
Height 18
Depth 55.6
Suitable for safety functions True
SIL according to IEC 61508 None
Performance level acc. EN ISO 13849-1 None
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Degree of protection (NEMA) 1

Nano PLC > em4
em4 Nano-PLC Local, B26 Demo Box, 26 I/O, 24 VDC88980180