Analog expansion, XAP10, 6 Digital/Analog Inputs, 4 Outputs 0/10 V-0/20mA

Expansion, XAP10, 6 Digital Inputs (4 Analog 0-10 V/0-20mA), 2 Digital Outputs PMW 0,5A, 2 Analog Outputs 0-10V, up to 2 expansions

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Technical Specifications

Supply voltage DC 24 VDC (-15% / +20%)
Voltage type of supply voltage DC
Number of digital inputs 6
Number of digital outputs 2
Number of analogue inputs 4
Number of analogue outputs 2
Digital in-/outputs, configurable true
Input current at signal 1 0.8
Permitted voltage at input 24 VDC (-15% / +20%)
Type of voltage (input voltage) DC
Type of digital output Transistor
Output current at digital output 0.5 A
Output voltage at digital output 10 to 28.8 VDC
Type of output voltage DC
Short-circuit protection, digital outputs available true
Analogue input, current true
Analogue input, voltage true
Analogue input, resistor true
Analogue input, resistor temperature true
Analogue input, thermocouple false
Resolution of the analogue inputs 12
Analogue input signal configurable true
Analogue output, current false
Analogue output, voltage true
Resolution of the analogue outputs 10
Analogue output signal configurable false
Type of electric connection Screw connection
Time delay at signal exchange 10
Suitable for safety functions false
Category according to EN 954-1 None
SIL according to IEC 61508 None
Performance level acc. to EN ISO 13849-1 None
Appendant operation agent (Ex ia) false
Appendant operation agent (Ex ib) false
Explosion safety category for gas None
Explosion safety category for dust None
Width 60.4
Height 90
Depth 61.1

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