MilleniumEVO, Smart relay, 24 I/O, 24 Vdc, Blind, Ethernet

MilleniumEVO Ethernet Smart Relay, 24 Vdc, 16 Digital Inputs (8 Analog-4 High Speed), 8 Relays Digital Outputs, Datalog, Event, FTP, Free Soft, MEM. 1024 blocs, Specific FBD, 32 bits management, Modbus RS485, Bluetooth/Virtual Display opt.

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Product Description

Millenium EVO - the communicating logic controller for all your small-scale automation projects.
With its 4 ways of communication: Ethernet, Modbus, USB and Bluetooth, you can control and program EVO from a distance, continuously monitor your applications, and interact with other devices.

Visit the Millenium Evo website to learn more.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage DC 24 VDC (-15% / +20%)
Voltage type of supply voltage DC
Switching current 8
Number of analogue inputs 8
Number of digital inputs 16
Number of digital outputs 8
With relay output true
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet 1
Number of HW-interfaces RS-485 1
Number of HW-interfaces USB 1
Number of HW-interfaces Wireless 1
Number of HW-interfaces other 1
With optical interface false
Supporting protocol for TCP/IP true
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS false
Supporting protocol for CAN false
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS false
Supporting protocol for ASI false
Supporting protocol for KNX false
Supporting protocol for MODBUS true
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway false
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet false
Supporting protocol for SUCONET false
Supporting protocol for LON false
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO false
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA false
Supporting protocol for SERCOS false
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus false
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP true
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work false
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety false
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety false
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe false
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p false
Supporting protocol for other bus systems false
Radio standard Bluetooth true
Radio standard WLAN 802.11 false
Radio standard GPRS false
Radio standard GSM false
Radio standard UMTS false
IO link master false
Redundancy false
With display false
Degree of protection (IP) IP40
Basic device true
Expandable true
Expansion device false
With timer true
Rail mounting possible true
Wall mounting/direct mounting true
Front build in possible true
Rack-assembly possible false
Suitable for safety functions false
Category according to EN 954-1 None
SIL according to IEC 61508 None
Performance level acc. EN ISO 13849-1 None
Appendant operation agent (Ex ia) false
Appendant operation agent (Ex ib) false
Explosion safety category for gas None
Explosion safety category for dust None
Width 124.6
Height 90
Depth 61,1

Human Machine Interface > Accessories
Millenium 3 & em4 Ethernet Cable88970508
Human Machine Interface > Crouzet Touch
CT104 Essential Screen only88970524
CT107 Essential Screen Only88970534
CTP104-E Performance Screen Only88970554
CTP107-E Performance Screen Only88970564
CTP110-E Performance Screen Only88970574
CT & CTP Programming Kit software & cables88970591
Logic Controller > Millenium 3
Millenium 3 Sealed faceplate (147,5 mm)89750161
Millenium 3 Sealed faceplate (248,5 mm)89750162
Logic controller > Millenium evo
Expansion, XRP10, 6 Digital Inputs, 2* 6A Relays, 2* 8A Relays88975201
Analog expansion, XAP10, 6 Digital/Analog Inputs, 4 Outputs 0/10 V-0/20mA88975303
Miscellaneous > Cables
em4 USB cable 3M B Type88980170
Miscellaneous > Converter / Potentiometer
Millenium 3 Convertor 0-20 mA to 0-10V88950108
Millenium 3 Potentiometer 22mm 30VDC88950109
Millenium 3 Converter PT1000 to 0-10VDC88950150
Millenium 3 Converter PT100 - 0/10VDC88950151
Millenium 3 Converter PT100 - 0/10VDC88950152
Millenium 3 Converter PT100 - 0/10VDC88950153
Millenium 3 Converter TC J to 0-10VDC88950154
Millenium 3 Converter TC K to 0-10VDC88950155
Miscellaneous > Interface
em4 USB Programming interface Glossy Black88980110
Interface em4 RS485 24VDC MASTER Modbus & slave with polarization inside88980122
Interface em4 RS485 24VDC SLAVE Modbus & Master without polarization 88980123
Miscellaneous > Power Supply
Millenium 3 DC/DC Converter 24VDC88950321
Modular power supply 100W, 100-240 VAC/24 VDC, 4.2 A89451010
Modular power supply 60W, 100-240 VAC/24 VDC, 2.5 A89451006
Modular power supply 30W, 100-240 VAC/24 VDC, 1.2 A89451003
Modular power supply 10W, 100-240 VAC/24 VDC, 0.4 A89451001
Miscellaneous > Probe / antenna
Stainless steel sleeve89750147
Sensor NTC2 - W- 3000-189750174
Thermistor NTC1 10K 60cm x1089750180
Sensor NTC2 Stainless Steel 305 10 Kohms @25°C (-35°C +120°C)89750182
NTC2 probe silicone(10 Kohms @25°C (-20°C +105°C)89750185
Sensor NTC3 silicone89750186
Temperature Sensor89750190
Temperature Sensors external probe -10° / +40°C89750192
Temperature Sensors remote/submersible probe -10° / +110°C89750193

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