Milleniumevo Smart Relay, Display, 24 Vdc, 16 Digital Inputs (8 Analog - 4 High Speed), 8 Relays Digital Outputs , Local Datalog, Free Soft, Mem. 1024 Blocs, Specific Fbd, 32 Bits Mangement, Modbus Rs485, Bluetooth/Virtual Display Opt.

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Product Description

Millenium EVO - the communicating logic controller for all your small-scale automation projects.
With its 4 ways of communication: Ethernet, Modbus, USB and Bluetooth, you can control and program EVO from a distance, continuously monitor your applications, and interact with other devices.

Control your EVO from a distance and in real time, by accessing its front control face from your PC, laptop, or mobile device. You can change the parameters with the Crouzet Virtual Display app, eliminating the added cost of an HMI. You can also edit and program your EVO even when already installed in your application, without the need to remove it or disconnect a single cable.

Monitor your applications and receive periodic datalogs to measure and record key parameters of your installation, as well as program regular email notifications for updates and alarms. You can also interact with other devices such as HMIs, drives, and other controllers via Modbus and ethernet, as the EVO can act as a slave inside your network.

Millenium EVO is equipped with 16 inputs which include digital, high speed counting, voltmeter, and many analog voltage inputs. Inputs for NTC temperature probes, which allow you to connect probes directly without the need of expensive signal convertors, are also available. Millenium EVO is expandable up to 44 I/Os.

EVO’s programming is made to be simple, with visual programming and a vast range of pre-programmed function blocks to drag and drop into your application. This new version of Crouzet Soft is the most intuitive and easiest to use software, even for first-time users. In addition to the pre-programmed function blocks, it has twice as much memory capacity as standard logic controllers - up to 1000 function blocks. EVO also has ready to configure communication protocols, supports complex data processing with its 32-bit capacity, allows you to combine function block and SFC programming, and helps you to organize your program with custom icons, images and text comments. You can create your own macros or use pre-programmed application blocks.

Give the software a try now, and download it for FREE to start creating, simulating and debugging your program, even before you receive the product!

Need even more? Millenium EVO and Crouzet Software are fully customizable. Crouzet’s Customer Adaptation Center is available to support OEMs with large volume automation projects where an adapted or customized solution will save money and/or enhance functionality. Crouzet can match your specific requirements and provide the solution you need.

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Technical Specifications

Appendant operation agent (Ex ia) false
Appendant operation agent (Ex ib) false
Basic device true
Category according to EN 954-1 None
Degree of protection (IP) IP40
Depth 62
Expandable true
Expansion device false
Explosion safety category for dust None
Explosion safety category for gas None
Front build in possible true
Height 90
IO link master false
Number of analogue inputs 8
Number of digital inputs 16
Number of digital outputs 8
Number of HW-interfaces other 1
Number of HW-interfaces RS-485 1
Number of HW-interfaces USB 1
Number of HW-interfaces Wireless 1
Performance level acc. EN ISO 13849-1 None
Rack-assembly possible false
Radio standard Bluetooth true
Radio standard GPRS false
Radio standard GSM false
Radio standard UMTS false
Radio standard WLAN 802.11 false
Rail mounting possible true
Redundancy false
SIL according to IEC 61508 None
Suitable for safety functions false
Supply voltage AC 50 Hz N/A
Supply voltage AC 60 Hz N/A
Supply voltage DC 24 VDC (-15% / +20%)
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work false
Supporting protocol for ASI false
Supporting protocol for CAN false
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway false
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet false
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety false
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP false
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus false
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS false
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety false
Supporting protocol for KNX false
Supporting protocol for LON false
Supporting protocol for MODBUS true
Supporting protocol for other bus systems false
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS false
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA false
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO false
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe false
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p false
Supporting protocol for SERCOS false
Supporting protocol for SUCONET false
Supporting protocol for TCP/IP false
Switching current 8
Voltage type of supply voltage DC
Wall mounting/direct mounting true
Width 124.6
With display true
With optical interface false
With relay output true
With timer true